eBook - Paperless Note-Taking Like a Pro (Note-Taking App Version)

eBook - Paperless Note-Taking Like a Pro (Note-Taking App Version)


All you need to know to take paperless notes like a pro

With this eBook, you will get unique information, tips, tricks, and hidden features of paperless note-taking culture, such as what equipment, apps, and note-taking strategies to use. You will also be able to read community stories from people all over the world telling you how they went paperless and what they use.

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IMPORTANT: This version of the eBook contains only Chapter 7-8 showing you everything you need to know about the note-taking apps Nebo, Notes Plus, Notability, GoodNotes4, and Noteshelf2 as well as my Pro Tips for professional note-takers. If you want to buy the full version go here.


The note-taking apps described in this eBook are updated frequently. To cover this, the eBook will be updated every time a major update for those applications is released. Once a new version of the eBook is available you will be able to download it for FREE.