[Online Course] - "How to build a Digital Journal Like a Pro"

[Online Course] - "How to build a Digital Journal Like a Pro"


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This course will answer the following questions:


  • How do I plan and structure my Digital Journal?
  • What Program should I use?
  • How to get the correct page size for the Note-Taking app of choice?
  • How do I create complex single page templates quick and easy?
  • How do I build Hyperlinks to jump any page or website I like?
  • How do I get and prepare Stickers to add to my journal?
  • How do I easily change the design and content of 300+ pages at once?
  • How do I export my Digital Journal so that I can use it in my Note-Taking app?

► Watch some preview videos here.

Coming Soon:

  • BONUS: Video Tutorial - How to use Tom Solid's Digital Journal Template to build my own Digital Journal within minutes
    (Microsoft PowerPoint and Mac or Windows PC is needed - Only included if you buy the "incl. Template" version of the course)
  • Much more in-depth Video Tutorials on how to build a very complex Digital Journal

If you want to help me to build this Online Course in a way that really addresses all YOUR questions, please take 2 min to answer those short questions here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/8JKGJVK